Insurance & Licensing

B2 Construction is insured with CGU Insurance.
The policy is in the name of the business " B2 Construction Pty Ltd". Our policy number is 01D 1605099

B2 Construction Pty Ltd is licensed to do all residential and commercial building work and our licence number is 227456C. To verify the licence please go to the Fair Trading website and enter our licence number (227456C).

Along with above, we will purchase "Home Warranty" insurance, and have the capacity to cater for most jobs large or small. In addition, our employees have "Work Cover" as required by the government.
Our Work Cover Certificate of Currency can be viewed on request.




Estimating Policy

B2 Construction Pty Ltd can quote your job with a Fixed Price or Cost Plus method. Our preference is the "Cost Plus Materials" method as we believe that it produces the best result for the client. It raises the client’s level of control over costs, budgets, timelines and quality.

We believe there can be a conflict of interest for all parties with fixed price quoting. All fixed price jobs have to include a substantial margin (30-50%) for the "unforeseen". If a fixed price job goes well with few issues then the client will be paying more than they should. If there are more unforeseeable issues than the margin allows, then there is a potential conflict with the job being completed properly because the builder may be losing money on the job.

We believe it is in the client and B2 Construction’s best interests, that the builder is compensated only for work done and materials purchased.

Account Details

Account Name: B2 Construction Pty Ltd
BSB: 062 267
A/C: 10174074

Business Registrations

B2 Construction Pty Ltd is based in Waverley, NSW and is registered in New South Wales as a Pty Ltd company. We are HIA Members and the business is registered with the Australian Tax Office to charge GST.
ABN: 99 143 861 054
Licence Number: 227456C